“I’ve been interviewed a lot in my career. Lynn Murphy has done such a magnificent job and getting such an unbelievable array of stories together. She seems to just have a natural knack for it. It’s not about what it’s going to give her, it’s about what she’s delivering. That is the ultimate gift of empowerment to people, to be able to willingly, passionately share other people’s stories and learn from them.”

Sandra Dee Robinson — performance coach, actress, TV host, international speaker

“My interview with Lynn was a deeply personal and moving experience for me. Throughout the process, I felt safe and secure. It was just like two sisters talking. It was so comfortable. She didn’t just ask questions, but really pushed to understand who I was, as if I was uncovering more and more layers of myself. All the stories that Lynn’s collecting will have an impact for men and women everywhere.”

Sarah Fuentes — educator, entrepreneur, creator of Math Mini Lessons

“I’ve been pushing the limits as an entrepreneur since I was 19 years old. My interview with Lynn was amazing. It was just great that hanging out and having that girl chat has also been able to inspire other women to really push the limits, go for it, and be bolder.”

Debbie Allen — internationally recognized business growth and market positioning expert

“I’m the one who does all the interviews, hundreds through the years. And I have to tell you, Lynn’s interview of me was amazing. She asked questions that no one had ever asked before.”

Mary Jo West — first prime-time female television news anchor in Arizona, award-winning journalist

“I loved being interviewed by Lynn. Not only did she make the interview process fun and easy, but she made me feel completely at ease, doing something that isn’t always so easy for me. Lynn saw in me that I’m pushing the limits before I really even saw that about myself.”

Karianne Munstedt — award-winning portrait photographer, speaker, coach, author

“I felt heard, I felt that she really heard the essence of where I was coming from in my story. Lynn is amazing, giving us this opportunity to contribute to this book and have an impact on the world.”

Angel Marie Monachelli — inspirational speaker, empowerment coach, TV host